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Sellers Security Tips

Conversational Security:

It is always best to keep your conversations with buyers on-site for both of your security.

Screen Shot Everything:

ALWAYS take screenshots of delivery! This is a HUGE factor if your buyer opens a non-delivery case against you. You MUST be able to prove that you delivered the item, account, currency, or boost!

Seller Verification:
Verify your account to let the community know you can be trusted.

Buyer Verification:

Ask the buyer to be verified to ensure they are a genuine buyer.

Check buyer's feedback - Make sure they have a history of positive transactions.

Identity Concealment:
Keep your in-game identity a secret. Use mule accounts to transfer items and gold.
When selling an account - don't post any identifying information such as your username, character name, or anything super unique that can identify you to game developers.

Seller Conversational Tips

- You are a business -
Always treat being a seller as being a business. You want to maintain a level of professionalism.

- Be Prompt On Delivery -
Buyers are generally nervous about sending money - They want to see their product delivered in a timely manner. Always do your best to be responsive and on standby for delivery.

-Be Respectful -
Sometimes people can be a little confused about what they need, try to explain to them politely and ask questions about what they are referring to.

- Make Use of the Middle Man System -
The safest way to trade is by using the Middle Man System. These professionals can help you secure a safe transaction where your goods are delivered safely as well as the buyers payment.

- Report Suspicious Buyers -
ALWAYS take advantage of the REPORT button. If someone seems shady - They probably are. Help keep the community safe by reporting anything that seems off. Our Moderating team is always happy to investigate and check the validity of users.

Have any other tips you think should be included? Add them to this thread and I will add them to this post.