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When did you first become a streamer?
I started streaming in mid-July 2020 (Twitch to FB.GG back to Twitch)

What are your favorite games?
Dead by Daylight, anything pop scare or horror related really and I've been playing World of Warcraft since 2006 (Horde.. always)

Do you have an old stream or a highlight that you'd like to recommend to people in particular?
I have a bunch, idk it's usually genuinely a fun time when I stream especially when I have friends on with me. I'm very casual so there really isn't a dull moment in a stream for me.
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What's your favorite thing about streaming?
My favorite thing about streaming is being able to have met and continue to meet so many people who genuinely show interest and care about not only the content i'm putting out but the growth in my community itself. I love how many people I have met and are now able to call them up on Discord real quick and say "hey, wanna do something tonight?" And it's ideal for me because I never really liked to go out as is so hanging out and mucking about on games is the same feeling as being together almost.

What's your advice to other streamers to keep your audience engaged?
Audience engagement to me being a streamer but also a viewer is a big deal so try and acknowledge everyone as best and quickly as possible. They're there because they chose to be so keep the entertained and just be confident and converse with them, they can't bite lol.

What's your approach to content creation?
Honestly I am learning new things everyday, my approach genuinely is be me.
If you don't like what you see or hear you can literally click off my page.
I'm here to have a good time but I also want to make sure my community is having a laugh and a great time as well.

Any big plans for your upcoming streams?
12 hour stream, I've done one before where it was such a great time it didn't even feel like 12 hours. But with that being said my team and I gotta meet some goals first before we push out another one!

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