Account WTS (Want to Sell) Genshin Impact 5 stars heroes: Zhongli (C6), Yae Miko (C6), Childe ( C6)


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Yes I can supply the email and give access.
Yes, there is a phone number connected to this account.
Buyer or Seller Requirements
Account feedback, buying in crypto USDT or BTC 10000$
Credit Card
Yes a Credit Card has been used. I can supply the last 4 digits.
Refund Policy
Everything on the account corresponds to what is written. I'm interested in a quick sale. Before selling, I make an actual screen recording. Accordingly, there can be no question of any return. You bought what you wanted.
I am the original owner.
Secret Question
No, there is no secret question set.
Registered Country or Region
This is a personal whale account, I'm not outbid. No loss!
All bills and receipts are there. When buying an account, you will be given: mail (or we can change it to yours), all receipts, all messages, absolutely everything.
I tear off the account from my heart, but I understand that I can no longer afford to devote as much time to the game as before, so I’m ready to part with it and transfer it to good hands.

Genshin impact
56 adventure rank

5 stars heroes: Zhongli (C6), Yae Miko (C6), Childe (С6), Traveler (С6) all elements, Mona (C5), Albedo (С3), Diluc (C3), Jean (C3), Hu Tao (C1), Qiqi (C1), Ganyu (C0), Raiden Shogun (C0), Keqing (C0), Ayato (C0), Aloy (С0)

5 stars weapons: Polar Star (R1), Kagura's Verity (R1), Staff Of Homa(R1), Redhorn Stonethresher (R1), Primordial Jade Winged-Spear (R1), Wolf's Gravestone (R1), Primordial Jade Cutter (R1), Elegy For The End (R1), Elegy For The End (R1)

4 stars heroes: Bennett (C5+1), Xiangling (C6), Xingqiu (C6), Diona (C6), Fischl (C6), Kujou Sara (C6), Rosaria (C6), Ningguang (C6), Sayu (C6), Thoma (С6), Yanfei (C6), Chongyun (C6), Noelle (C6), Beidou (C6), Razor (C5), Barbara (C4), Gorou (С3), Sucrose (C1), Lisa (C1), Xinyan (C1), Kaeya (C0), Amber (C0), Yunjin (С0).

4 stars weapons: There were many instances R5 with signatures (for example, on the same Albedo)

For details:
@ceoofyourrealism - telegram
KillianPay#7754 - discord

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