Game-Invaders is the world’s first profile-based social media platform to connect gamers and build the gaming community through innovative engagement

The Game-Invaders objective is to be built similar to social media platforms which feature a personal profile, social update feed, groups, photos, and videos. It also features gaming specific modifications such as a player to player marketplace, software vendors, discussion and news forums as well as a function to showcase streamers; allowing them to grow their audience.

Game-Invaders is available as both a web-based and mobile application. 

The mobile application is based on a web view version of the website. Any edits made on the website or posts created are automatically reflected on the mobile apps, and vice versa.

The website is built and maintained on WordPress, utilizing customizable CSS. Plugins have also been integrated into the website with the option to implement additional tools, forums, sections, features and more.

The Game-Invaders website and application are both designed to collect revenue by offering a multi-tiered membership system. It is free to sign up for a basic membership, while a Premium membership offers additional options such as being a verified member, the ability to run advertising banners, an affiliate program for streamers, and a marketing tool which allows streamers to platform their channels to increase engagement.

A  goal for Game-Invaders would be for companies to use this social media platform for professional marketing by buying official pages and advertisement space to showcase highlighted news items and announcements.

Game-Invaders also generates revenue through the official store which features shirts, hoodies, wall art, stickers, mugs,and more.

By purchasing the NFT, you are acquiring the branding, URL, social media accounts, source code for the mobile applications, admin account logins, ownership of the WordPress account, ownership of the web based server, log in details to all purchased plugins, and all media (images and videos) collected over the past year in building the Game-Invaders platform. It will be everything needed to own and operate Game-Invaders.

I will remain available via phone and email to answer any questions about anything related to the platform for the first 90 days of the sale. I will also be available for hire for any development/customization requests at a reasonable rate. 

Questions about the sale and media inquiries should contact [email protected]

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