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  • doom_xii 

    28 June 2021 at 10:12 am

    To hit our goal of creating a more dynamic sandbox, we have adjusted ability pricing, cooldown rates, and ultimate costs on every Agent. Generally, we noticed that certain agents were able to have too much impact with their abilities without making any significant tradeoffs. Our goal here is to create a healthier pace of abilities throughout a round and force you to think more critically about your purchase decisions.

    Signature abilities now only provide a minimum of one charge per round instead of accumulating a charge every round.For example, if you have a two charge signature ability and you end the round with one charge remaining, you will not gain an additional charge
    Charges gained from cooldowns are now always temporary
    Visibility returns faster during the fadeout period of all flashes

    Astra is incredibly popular at higher levels of play and we felt that a few of her play patterns are difficult to respond to round over round. We want Astra to be potent at applying map-wide pressure, but she’s able to do that much too frequently and without much counterplay or cost. These changes aim to add more counterplay on barrier drop, and provide much longer and clearer cooldown windows after Astra uses or recalls her Stars.

    Nova Pulse (Q)

    Cooldown time increased 12 >>> 25
    Gravity Well (C)

    Cooldown time increased 12 >>> 25
    Stars/Astral Form (X)

    Stars are now inactive when placed during the buy phaseWhen the barriers drop, her Stars charge for 1.4 seconds before becoming active and usable.
    On Attack, Astra can now see the Spike’s location in Astral formThis representation does not animate so it will not provide additional info on the status of the Spike.
    Recall cooldown increased 8 >>> 15
    Granted signature charges decreased 2 >>> 1
    Star cost decreased 200 >>>150

    The introduction of KAY/O, warrants a tuning pass on our other Initiators.

    For Breach, we’re removing his third flash charge and attempting to spread impact across his kit. The updates to his other abilities should provide more reliable outputs for Breach and his allies. Along with this, some abilities are getting shorter cast commitments and the speed of his Flashpoint projectile is being slowed to give Breach a chance to re-equip his weapon and work off his tools.

    Flashpoint (Q)

    Total charges reduced 3 >>> 2
    Cost increased 200 >>> 250
    Projectile speed decreased 2500 >>>2000
    Fault Line (E)

    Full charge time decreased 1.5 >>> 1 second
    Width increased 600 >>> 750
    Telegraph windup time decreased 1.3 >>> 1
    Concussion duration increased 3 >>> 3.5
    Unequip time after firing decreased 1 >>> .7
    Cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40
    After Shock (C)

    Now explodes 3 times with each blast dealing 60 damage with no fall off, blasts are .6 seconds apart
    Explosion radius increased 260 >>> 300
    Unequip time after firing decreased 1.1 >>> .9 seconds
    Cost increased 100 >>> 200
    Rolling Thunder (X)

    Width of all explosions increased to 2300, which was the previous width of the final explosion

    Incendiary (Q)

    Cost increased 200 >>> 250

    Neural Theft (X)

    Ultimate points required decreased 7 >>> 6

    We’ve reverted the Jett/Cypher trapwire interaction. When we initially made this change, there was a strong sentiment about Jett feeling weak and Cypher feeling oppressive to play against.As players have gotten better at dealing with Cypher’s traps and Jett has carved out strong value in the game, we think that Jett should have to play and plan around Cypher’s deliberate setup instead of being able to bust through it without thought.

    Updraft (Q)

    Cost increased 100 >>> 150
    Tailwind (E)

    No longer breaks Cypher’s Trapwire
    Cloudburst (C)

    Cost increased 100 >>> 200
    Bladestorm (X)

    Ultimate points required increased 6 >>> 7

    Alarmbot (Q)

    Cooldown after pickup increased 7 >>> 20
    Turret (E)

    Cooldown after pickup increased 10 >>> 20

    Paranoia (Q)

    Cost decreased 400 >>> 300
    Dark Cover (E)

    Granted signature charges reduced 2 >>> 1
    Omen now must buy his second smoke for 100
    Cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40
    Shrouded Step (C)

    Cost increased 100 >>> 150

    Curveball (Q)

    Cost increased 200 >>> 250

    Model Update

    Model has been updated with a polish pass
    Boombot (C)

    Cost increased 200 >>> 400
    Showstopper (X)

    Ultimate points required increased 7 >>> 8

    Leer (C)

    Cost increased 200 >>> 250

    Slow Orb (Q)

    Cost increased 100 >>> 200
    Barrier Orb (C)

    Cost increased 300 >>> 400
    Resurrection (X)

    Ultimate points required increased 7 >>> 8

    Skye will lose her third flash charge, but she’ll now regain charges on a cooldown for her signature. We’ve made it so Skye no longer needs to put her gun down to activate Guiding Light and made some quality of life improvements when guiding the projectile or letting it fly free. We’ve felt Trailblazer’s vision radius has been slightly too small to clear the medium size rooms—where it should excel—and that the concuss could use a little more bite given how difficult it is to land. We hope these changes will help push Skye’s viability in solo queue and help her carve out a competitive spot in organized play.

    Trailblazer (Q)

    Vision radius increased 1750 >>> 2250
    Max concussion duration increased 3 >>> 4
    Cost increased 200 >>> 250
    Guiding Light (E)

    Charges reduced 3 >>> 2
    Charges are now replenished on a 40-second cooldown
    Skye no longer needs to re-equip to trigger her flash
    Guiding Light’s projectile now goes around corners tighter when free flying and is more responsive to guiding
    Audio attenuation when cast reduced 3250 >>> 1250
    Cost of charges increased 100 >>> 250

    Shock Dart (Q)

    Cost increased 100 >>> 150
    Recon Bolt (E)

    Cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40
    Owl Drone (C)

    Cost increased 300 >>> 400
    Hunter’s Fury (X)

    Ultimate points required increased 7 >>> 8

    Snakebite (C)

    Duration reduced 8 >>> 6.5
    Outer edges of Viper’s acid patch form faster to ensure it is lethal if an enemy sits in the entire duration
    Cost increased 100 >>> 200We’ve seen a massive resurgence in Viper’s popularity and power, especially at stalling opponents and preventing defuses. We hope to slightly reduce some of this stalling power.

    Blindside (Q)

    Cost increased 200 >>> 250
    Gatecrash (E)

    Cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40

  • doom_xii 

    28 June 2021 at 10:13 am
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