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RBG trinket swap for defending against rogues

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    • Hi there gamers.

      In this post I want to bring to your attention a macro that is referred to by people but I found hard to locate. The point of this macro is it will use your on use trinket to break a sap, and then auto equip the trinket that removes a second cc that lasts over 6 seconds (in this case, blind) automatically. There is a macro to then quickly add the 20% reduced cc duration trinket if you use it before you get in combat but this is not entirely necessary.

      You will want these 3 items:

      Sinful aspirant’s/gladiator’s medallion (this one equipped in top trinket slot.)

      Sinful aspirant’s/gladiator’s sigil of adaptation

      Sinful aspirant’s/gladiator’s relentless brooch


      Now the macros. Remove spaces from between these lines when you put them into the macros.

      1. #showtooltip

      /use 13

      /equip Sinful Gladiator’s Sigil of Adaptation

      This one will be the one that uses the escape trinket then automatically puts on the s

      sigil of adaptation to break out of the blind.

      After the blind is taken care of quickly use

      2. /equip Sinful Gladiator’s Relentless Brooch


      This will put on the brooch to make the cc coming in next be 20% reduced effectiveness.


      I like to follow this up after the fight with a 3rd macro.

      3. /equip sinful gladiator’s medallion

      This puts the original trinket back in place to start the process again when the cooldown is done. You can use this with 30 seconds remaining on the cooldown since it takes that long to be active again after equipping.


      I hope this helps! Good games and good luck!





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