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  • PVP trinket swap macro to avoid getting capped on by rogues

  • Game-Invaders 

    10 May 2021 at 2:59 pm

    Spent a long time looking for this and I just heard about it. Was tipped off that a streamer some of you may know had made a guide for it and wanted to include it for people like me that could not find it.

    Many of you may know of this already but it seems
    like a lifesaver for someone like me that on occasion has difficulties
    stopping stealth caps.


    To do this you will need 3 trinkets.

    1. The sinful gladiator/aspirant’s medallion.
    2. The sinful gladiator/aspirant’s sigil of adaptation.
    3. The sinful gladiator/aspirant’s relentless brooch.

    Once you have all three you will use the following macros to swap during
    a sap. The medallion should be the one equipped first, I find it
    easiest to keep it in the upper slot for the 2 trinket slots. This way
    the macro can equip directly to that spot for the next one. This first
    macro does take 2 presses.
    The macro will use the medallion and then swap to the sigil, this will
    trinket the sap and then if the rogue blinds after that it will get
    removed immediately by the sigil. After that you can quickly swap to the
    brooch to lessen the cc from stun lock. Keep an eye on the cd of the
    medallion and equip it again around 30 seconds left on the cooldown to
    use again.

    The macros:

    /use 13
    /equip Sinful Gladiator’s Sigil of Adaptation

    /equip Sinful Gladiator’s Relentless Brooch

    And this one is personal preference to re equip the medallion quickly as a keybind.

    /equip sinful gladiator’s medallion

    I hope this is helpful. I am sure it will be for me. Good luck out there gamers!

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