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New Rampart Changes Coming!

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      An Apex Legends dev has teased a “good” change coming to Rampart in Season 10, however, it’ll come in a mid-season update, not right at launch.

      When Rampart was added to Apex Legends back in Season 6, there was plenty of intrigue surrounding her character, especially how her Sheila minigun ultimate would fit in with the other abilities.

      After a brief period, players quickly figured that Rampart wouldn’t play a major role in the battle royale’s meta, and she pretty much stopped appearing in games for a while.

      She isn’t a completely useless legend, and skilled Rampart mains will regularly win games with her, but even they will tell you that she’s in need of buffing at some point – even after being changed not too long ago.

      Rampart definitely still needs some improvements.
      Well, when Season 10 comes around, Rampart should be getting a nice little buff according to Respawn’s Jason McCord.

      The Apex design director responded to a comment on social media that detailed a few ideas for Rampart changes, including giving her minigun more room to move, buffing her passive to work with all weapon types, as well as making it so enemies can’t climb over her walls.

      “Good suggestions here, thanks for writing it up,” McCord responded to the suggestions. “We have some good Rampart updates coming mid-season 10. You’ll know it when you see it. :)”


      With each new season bringing different legend changes, a much-needed buff for Rampart isn’t too shocking, but the timing is interesting.



    • About time. She was so hyped and then sucked.

    • Hopefully they dont over tune her





Viewing 2 reply threads
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