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  • Nekips

    30 July 2021 at 8:07 am


    Got tierd and qutting EverQuest and never comming back or giving this company any more of my money, so releasing this i have been using privatly.

    If you wanna donate for some free shit you are welcome to do it here:

    Bitcoin to this BTC address: 1ApzMJrbuYbvdp4ahrHYPLAtQWsgJWRBqz
    LTC to this LTC address: LYCoPQLRqp4R9y4g5ArRoxWN8k1a4PbBx3


    If you want RedGuides (no warping, no fartaunt, no piggyzone etc..) MQNext with all there plugins.

    1. Either pay for it on RedGuides
    2. Download and build it yourself from here –
    3.  And get all plugins here – , So you can compile them yourself.

    I would recommend subbing to MMOBugs so you get access to warping(10000x better then EverHack shit), piggyzone (chain zoneing anywhere) and fartaunt (ReachIT)

    Download MMOBugs MQNext here –

    Require active sub with them


    You are welcome to join my discord –

    if you wanna chat or DM me with any questions (i might not replay, just a headsup)


    Download the MacroQuest Next Bypass here

  • Nekips

    1 August 2021 at 12:46 pm

    Sic’s Basic MQ2 Guide Video


    Sic’s “Move Your Toons Guide” CWTN Class Plugins and KissAssist MQ2 RedGuides VeryVanilla Everquest

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