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Leon, Jill, Nemesis, and RPD map coming – Updated info!

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    • Leon, Jill, Nemesis, and RPD map coming in Dead by Daylight Resident Evil chapter

      Resident Evil 2’s Leon Kennedy, RE3’s Jill Valentine and Nemesis, and the Raccoon City Police Station are coming in the latest Dead by Daylight chapter.


      Ever since Behaviour Interactive and Capcom announced they would be collaborating on a Resident Evil chapter for Dead by Daylight, the question has been on players and fans’ minds as to what kind of content we’d see. The Resident Evil franchise has an incredibly rich and deep box of iconic characters, monsters, and locations to draw from, but today’s presentation showed us exactly what to expect. We’re getting Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine as survivors, Nemesis as a killer, and the Raccoon City Police Station as a new map.

      Dead by Daylight’s Resident Evil chapter contents were revealed during its 5th Anniversary livestream on May 25, 2021. Behaviour Interactive shared a number of things during this livestream, including a look back at Dead by Daylight so far and a tease of what comes next for the game in 6th year. Perhaps more importantly, we got a good look at the Resident Evil chapter characters and map. Players will be able to explore an Entity-infested and twisted Raccoon City Police Station and get their hands on new characters Leon, Jill, and Nemesis.

      We got a glimpse of how these characters would play in addition to their reveals as well. For instance, Jill will have a perk that lets her place mines on generators to stun killers when they try to sabotage them. Meanwhile, Nemesis will have access to his notorious hand tentacle for long range attacks. More than that, hitting survivors with this tentacle activates Nemesis’s other unique factor: the T-Virus. A survivor struck by the tentacle will begin coughing and vomiting, giving their location away as they run, much like The Plague. The only way to cure it is with vaccines scattered across the map which will be available in limited quantity per match.

      That’s not all. When Nemesis is in play, so are zombies. This is the first instance of an A.I.-controlled element for a Dead by Daylight killer. With Nemesis, zombies will be scattered around the map searching for survivors. If they get ahold of you and bite you, they can also infect you with the T-Virus, so survivors will need to be wary of more than just the killer at all times as they repair generators and heal each other.

      We finally got a release date for the Dead by Daylight Resident Evil chapter content this coming June, too. As we get closer to that launch, stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight Year 6 coverage and details, here at Shacknews.







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