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  • 8 Common Mistakes New Players Make

  • doom_xii 

    3 October 2021 at 9:20 am

    1. Going Over The Caps

    Don’t attempt to go over the soft cap on resist and other stats.

    2. No Damage Diversification

    Make sure to have more than 1 ‘type’ of damage. IE: Cold/Fire

    3. Going Purely Offensive

    Be sure to get those resist and life up! Glass cannon builds only take you so far!

    4. Forgetting To Hire A Mercenary

    Having a well geared merc makes all the difference

    5. “Tanking”

    There are no “tank” classes in Diablo. It’s a hack and slash style game, be sure to stick and move in most scenarios.

    6. Spacing Out Synergy

    Goes back to damage diversification: Make sure to add points to your synergy abilities

    7. Buying Instead Of Gambling

    Always attempt to gamble instead of buying a raw item from the vendor. It’s a great way to unload extra gold and get legendary/set items!

    8. Having Only One Set Of Equipment

    Having a Magic Find , High Resist set, Skill set, etc will help you in farming/running specific targets and keep you alive.

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