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    13 December 2021 at 12:30 pm

    ✨🔥EU/US WoW Classic Season of Mastery Services✨🔥

    Custom WoW Classic Boosting service, 1-60 , Item Farming ,Rep grind ,VPN

    Selling Power Leveling service, ,Reputation ,Item farming,

    Hand Leveling 1-60 WoW Classic.

    Custom orders available!

    Wow Classic Hand Boosting Service

    Daily Updates given

    Boosting services:

    1-10 = PM for quote

    10-20 = PM for quote

    20-30 = PM for quote

    30-40 = PM for quote(includes free mount)

    40-50 = PM for quote (includes free mount)

    50-60 = PM for quote (includes free mount)

    1-60 = PM for quote For as low as 120$

    If you have a custom order, feel free to reach out and ask

    What’s included in the leveling process:

    Attunement to ONY and MC
    Lvl 40 mount
    All rare loots will be kept

    first aid to 300

    Pre-Raid best in slot gear (Guaranteed 4 pieces.)

    farmed gold will not be taken out from the account

    ITEM FARMING=PM for Quote

    Why should you choose me?

    Your order is done by me only, by hand, with care!

    I’ve been playing WoW for over 10 years!

    Worried about a ban?

    I use a paid premium VPN for your region, anywhere worldwide! Account safety is taken with extreme care.

    Worried about your keybinding UI setup?

    I document your toolbars / keybindings prior to starting and will organize it back after the order has been completed!

    Want status updates?

    I strive on having good communication. I also provide daily updates and can setup a stream for you to watch as well.

    Payments Accepted:

    Western Union

    For more info feel free to shoot me a message on discord.

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