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  • doom_xii 

    20 May 2021 at 11:11 pm

    VFX Updates

    We‘re back at it again with another set of VFX updates, this time for everyone’s favorite void pupper, Kog’Maw!

    Once again, our goals for these sorts of smaller updates is to improve the overall gameplay clarity of VFX (here’s a whole article about it)
    while bringing them up to modern League of Legends standards. This
    means that our efforts are primarily aimed at abilities which do not
    clearly communicate their hitbox.


    PASSIVE – ICATHIAN SURPRISE Reduced noise and improved clarity with regards to the size of the explosion

    BASIC ATTACK New missiles and hit effects

    Q – CAUSTIC SPITTLE New hit effects and a new missile to better represent its actual hitbox

    W – BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE New effects to make Kog’Maw more representative of the Void

    E – VOID OOZE New hit effects and a new missile to better represent its actual hitbox

    R – LIVING ARTILLERY New effects that better represent the hitbox

    Kog’Maw Skins

    BASE KOG’MAW Updated character texture

    REINDEER KOG’MAW Added new recolors to all VFX

    DEEP SEA KOG’MAW Added new recolors to all VFX

    JURASSIC KOG’MAW Added new recolors to all VFX

    LION DANCE KOG’MAW New unique VFX on E; updated R and Q VFX

    PUG’MAW All VFX updated

    ALL OTHER KOG’MAW SKINS R updated to show hitbox more clearly

    Bugfixes/QoL Changes

    Updated the width of Pyke’s E – Phantom Undertow‘s VFX to better match the hitbox
    Fixed a bug where Prowler’s Claw’s Sandswipe would only work on champions, not other targets like minions
    Fixed a bug where Sanguine Blade’s “healing from physical vamp
    against champions” counter so that it accurately displays the amount of
    healing the user receives
    Aurelion Sol’s Q – Starsurge‘s stun and R – Voice of Light‘s knock-up are no longer delayed by up to 0.25 seconds
    The Rift Herald will no longer spawn the wrong way
    Fixed a bug where Fizz was unable to gain Tear of the Goddess stacks when killing minions with W – Seastone Trident
    When a player completes Cull’s Reap’s minion kill requirement
    via their ally’s Relic Shield’s Spoils of War, the player now properly
    gains the 350 gold from Cull
    Yone’s Q – Mortal Steel no longer only activates Navori Quickblade at point-blank range
    Navori Quickblade now properly triggers when Yasuo uses his E – Sweeping Blade and Q – Steel Tempest combo
    If a player’s inventory is full and they sell their Trinket,
    attempting to purchase a Wardstone will no longer subtract its gold cost
    given that the player’s inventory is full
    Fixed a bug where melee champions would gain 54% bonus attack range from Rapid Firecannon instead of the expected 35%
    Death’s Dance no longer extends Aspect of the Dragon’s burn damage longer than intended (3 seconds)
    Fixed a bug where Fiddlesticks’ Passive – A Harmless Scarecrow effigies would not be usable for the rest of the game if the user sold their Poro Snax at the shop in ARAM
    Fixed a bug where Akali would deal double E – Shuriken Flip damage if her target was very close to a wall
    Vladimir no longer becomes targetable when his W – Sanguine Pool ends after using Zhonya’s Hourglass’ Stasis during the ability

    Upcoming Skins & Chromas

    The following skins will be released in this patch:

    Arcana Lucian

    Arcana Tahm Kench

    Arcana Xerath

    Arcana Camille

    The following chromas will be released this patch:

    Arcana Lucian

    Arcana Tahm Kench

    Arcana Xerath

    Arcana Camille